Career Development

Talent Development

Provide Opportunities for Unlimited Advancement and Improvement

  • On-the-Job Training

    Employees could gain professional knowledge from senior employees and specialists through practical training in the work environment. 

  • In-House Training

    Employees can take professional training sessions and seminars that are arranged every year to better develop their expertise as well as learning new skills. 

  • Outsourced Training

    Employees can participate in training courses, seminars, field trips, or study abroad trips offered at off-site professional institutes. 

  • Career development

    Employees get to know the company culture through a tutoring system, which allows them to integrate, learn, and improve.

  • Job Rotation

    Employees can learn new job skills in different departments or rotate internally to increase their vision and professional skills.

  • Project Assignments

    Employees are assigned to different projects to gain hands on experience cooperating with and learning from colleagues from other departments.