Stanley Yen

 “Someone asked how to receive the greatest joy in life?

The only answer is helping people in need happily and genuinely.”

《Men for All Seasons-The Swiss on the East Coast》

Chairman of the Alliance Cultural Foundation


The above passage is the perfect way to describe a business such as Wonderland. In its commitment to the pursuit of excellence in its products –constantly striving for improvement and innovation – Wonderland has become an industry leader. Under the leadership of Chairman Kenny Cheng, in a time when corporate social responsibility is vigorously advocated for, Wonderland Group has long been a model for social welfare undertakings. Over the years, Wonderland Group has been supporting various social welfare organizations globally, as well as in Taiwan.


In 1996, Kenny founded the Children’s Hearing Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides education support to children with hearing loss. With cochlear implants and long-term auditory-verbal approach learning, the lives of children with hearing loss have been completely changed.


Thanks to the unwavering encouragement and support from Kenny and Wonderland Group, two of the organizations that I manage are the most direct beneficiaries - the Alliance Cultural Foundation and the Taitung Junyi School of Innovation. Both organizations are set in remote areas and bring educational and cultural opportunities to those who might not have the chance to participate in these activities otherwise.


Speaking from personal experience, Wonderland Group has meticulously sought ways to extend care for its employees well beyond expectation. For example, to solve the problem of the inconvenience of eating out, the company provides three nutritious meals a day for employees. This is just one example of the level of attention and care that proves to be vvery difficult for average companies to achieve.


Wonderland is a company who genuinely finds happiness and joy in helping people!


Wonderland Group has achieved the highest standards in three important indicators of successful enterprises:

  • Maintaining the best quality of products to win the trust of customers

  • Fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, and paying attention to the sustainable development of the company

  • Caring for the lives of colleagues


I really appreciate and respect Kenny and all who are a part of Wonderland Group.

I sincerely recommend joining this reliable company to all of you!

Dah-Hsian Seetoo

Wonderland – a promising enterprise that cannot be overlooked.

Dr. Dah-hsian Seetoo, Chair Professor,
Department of Business Administration,
National Chengchi University

Se-Hwa Wu

In this information technology age,
Wonderland is the best partner for information technology workers.

Former Minister of Education
Se-Hwa Wu Ph. D.

Anne Wu

In this company I saw a strong will and the determination to implement its faith and beliefs.

Dr. Anne Wu, Chair Professor,
Department of Accounting,
National Chengchi University