Core Competencies

Manufacturing a baby stroller is a sophisticated technical process. The aviation industry is an apt analogy for the nursery goods industry because both require an excellent understanding of complex technical structure, mechanical engineering, molding, chemistry, design aesthetics, and materials.

To provide good product quality, Wonderland Group values our ability to innovate and continues to invest heavily in R&D. The effort of our R&D team is focused on exploring and identifying innovative design methods to adapt to market demands and ever-changing technology. We are actively involved in patent development and management to safeguard our core competitive strategy and corporate sustainability.

  • Operation Scale


    Wonderland adopts a one-stop model that completes the value chain integration at the front and back ends, achieves economic scale and shortens the learning curve.

  • Design Capability


    To generate consumer demand, nursery product designers must be artistic, visionary and safety-oriented. Wonderland combines different elements of science and art to create comfortable, convenient, safety-focused products with added functionalities.

  • Information Technology


    Constructing an enterprise digital platform that integrates global business, resource planning, product lifecycle, and operation management into intelligent decision-making, and actively introducing IoT, AI, and big data analytics to build a smart production system, making real-time information and insights a key competitive advantage for the company.

  • Innovative Management Capability


    Wonderland has highly capable employees who graduated from top schools and colleges in Taiwan and around the world. Senior Management employees are sent to the National Chengchi University Business School for high-quality continuing education. Activity Based Costing/Management, and innovative management systems have also been successfully incorporated.

  • Craft for Safety


    Ensuring baby and infant safety is of the utmost importance for Wonderland. In order to meet the highest safety standards for its customers, all processes from product design, to materials selection, manufacturing, and production are closely monitored for compliance with international safety regulations.