Kindness is deeply embedded in our corporate culture.

The philanthropy of Wonderland Group begins with caring for mothers and children, and then extends to other aspects, such as art and culture, medical care, education, and contribution to local communities. We financially sponsor charity events and integrate internal resources that provide structural support to non-profit organizations.

  • Care for Disadvantaged Mothers and Children

    The Garden of Hope Foundation


    The foundation was established in 1988 and was the first non-governmental organization in Taiwan to help women and girls who have suffered sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking. The foundation aims to create a friendly environment to rehabilitate such women and children, empowering them to realize their full potential.


    Starting from 2017, Wonderland Group has continuously sponsored the foundation to build a new shelter in Nantou, as well as the Sun Flower Hut in I-Lan to better accommodate women and children who have experienced domestic violence and to provide them with a peaceful space to rest.

    #New Shelter HsinEn House


    Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation


    Safety seats are essential for babies traveling in cars. The Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of child safety and promoting safety measures. Wonderland Group has participated in these promotional activities, providing product demonstrations for parents to learn the appropriate installation of a car seat and better safety protection for children. Furthermore, we have provided funding and donated car seats and baby strollers to the Child Safety Project, a fundraising charity event held to subsidize the medical expenses of children traumatized by car accidents, as well as activities for raising awareness of safety prevention measures.

    #Free Safety Seats for Taxis


    Lan-Shin Women and Children Service Center

    Due to the changes in social and family structure, the problem of domestic violence against women and children is increasing rapidly. Lan-Shin, which has been established in Yilan for 17 years, is dedicated to protecting underprivileged women and children, such as children from single-parent families and grandparenting children, etc.

    #Assistance in Teenage Pregnancy


    Public Infant Day Care Center


    To improve the quality of care in public day care centers, Wonderland Group donates travel cots and soothers to New Taipei City government and provides product demonstrations to ensure the safe use of the products. 

    #Training for Safety Regulations of Baby Products

  • Care for Educational Development

    Alliance Cultural Foundation


    In 2009, Mr. Stanley Yen invited a group of friends with the same vision to establish the Alliance Cultural Foundation. Their vision is to improve educational standards in remote rural areas and provide local teenagers with an enlightened future path. Through integration of resources, the Alliance Foundation has been able to cultivate local cultures and talents, moving toward sustainable development.


    Junyi Experimental High School


    Taitung Junyi Experimental High School aims to provide children in rural areas with quality education, eliminating the education gap and allowing them to have a bright future. In 2012, the founder of the Alliance Cultural Foundation, Stanley Yen, became the President. The strategic approach of the school developed to nurture children at the holistic level by integrating local culture and the natural ecosystem of Taitung into the curriculum.


    In response to the establishment of the high school and to provide a better learning environment for students, Wonderland Group funded the construction of their second campus. It encompasses Wonderland Campus, Wonderland Training Center, and Wonderland Arts Center. We are committed to child educational welfare and social sustainability, offering a quality education environment to disadvantaged rural students.

    #Junyi Wonderland Education Center   #Wonderland Performing Arts Center  #International and Innovative Teaching Methods in Rural Education



    iF Design Award


    iF Design Award, launched in 1954, is one of the oldest and most important design competitions in the world, and was known as the "Oscar in the Design Industry". In the last few years, there have been nearly 10,000 entries from over 70 countries in every annual competition.


    Wonderland Group has sponsored iF Design Award since 2018 to support the development of industrial design and encourage students to produce excellent products. The senior executive of Wonderland’s engineering department also personally involved in the jury procedure, and take this opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with these young industrial design talents.

    #2023 iF Design Talent Award Ceremony  #2023 iF Design Award Winners

    #2022 iF Design Talent Award Ceremony  #2022 iF Design Award Winners




    Gigabyte Great Design Competition


    Wonderland Group and the Gigabyte Education Foundation have co-hosted the Great Design Competition since 2006. The intentions of this competition are raising awareness of innovative value and cultivating industrial design talent. Design students can learn pragmatic aspects of design, marketing, and concepts in patent application. Every year, the staff-in-charge arrange tours to 28 university campuses to promote the competition and give industrial seminars to students.

    #News of Great Design  #Great Design 20th Special Exhibition #Live Stream of Great Design 





    The chairman of Wonderland Group, Kenny Cheng, is also the founding chairman of NCCU EMBA Alumni Association. The Association was founded in 2007, which aims to unite the EMBA teachers and alumni of NCCU, integrate academic and social resources, develop management knowledge and promote industry-government-academic cooperation. Also, the association holds lectures, business visit, club activities and charity events to promote business opportunities cooperation and management knowledge exchange among members.

    #Feedback of Mentor Program from Students of Kenny Cheng's Group #Feedback of Company Visit


    Chung Yuan Christian University Scholarship


    To discover management talent and promote the auditory-verbal approach in Taiwan, the founder of Wonderland Group, Mr. Kenny Cheng, decided to set up a scholarship at his alma mater, Chung Yuan Christian University. Scholarships are offered to students who study mechanics, industrial management, civil engineering, and the auditory-verbal approach occupational program. Wonderland Group has also donated to various university projects, such as the construction of student dormitory and an office building, as well as sponsoring research projects. 

    #Application Guide of Wonderland Schlorship #Alana Children's Hearing Foundation Multifuntional Exhibition Hall


    Hope Foundation for Cancer Care


    Patients with cancer are not the only ones affected by the diagnosis; the whole family, especially children, also suffers. In 2016, Wonderland Group began a long-term donation project, providing scholarships to the children of cancer patients to ease their financial burden and allow the children to continue pursuing their studies.

    #2022 Application Guide of Schlorship #2022 Seed Camp

  • Promote Medical Care

    Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation


    Since 2011, Wonderland Group has supported a long-term project in Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, covering the medical expenses of children and young people with financial difficulties who suffer from microtia.

    Wonderland Group has also made donations to the Love Planted the Seed project since 2017, providing seed training for craniofacial doctors and helping underprivileged children in developing countries to receive surgery.

    #Our Partner Wonderland  #Long-term Support for Over 10 Years


    Formosa Cancer Foundation


    Wonderland Group continues to partner with the Formosa Cancer Foundation by sponsoring various annual charitable events, such as the Pink Ribbon Walk and benefit concerts for cancer, to raise public awareness of cancer prevention. We have also donated four medical vans that provide pap tests in local communities for free.



    Taichung Jen Ai Hospital

    Wonderland Group donates a welcab for Taichung Jen Ai Hospital to provide safe and high-quality medical services for rehabilitated patients.

    #Donation of Welcab


    Shuang Ho Hospital


    Wonderland Group provided funding for high-ceiling ambulance to improve the quality of medical services in local communities.

    #Donation of Ambulance


    Hospitals and Medical Institutions


    Wonderland Group cares for child safety from every perspective. To ensure that children have safe trips to and from hospitals, we have donated 106 car seats to 33 hospitals and medical institutions; parents can rent the products for free.

  • Promote arts and culture

    Taiwan Connection


    Taiwan Connection (TC) was co-founded by the Chairman of the Alliance Cultural Foundation, Stanley Yen, and violinist Nai-Yuan Hu, who is also the appointed Music Director of TC. The vision of TC is to deepen the roots of classical music to every corner of the world. Since 2017, Music Director Hu and TC musicians travel with their talent, taking chamber music concerts, music workshops, and master classes to schools, remote rural areas, societies, and enterprises. Through various forms of performances, TC wishes to invite more people to appreciate classical music and enrich their lives. 


    Wonderland Group began sponsoring the performances to promote the classical music education and international exchange activities of TC starting from 2017.

    #Wonderland X Artrich String Quartet  #Wonderland X String Quartet



    Paul Chiang Art Center


    Artist Paul Chiang lived in New York for more than 30 years. He returned to Taiwan and settled in Jinzun, Taitung County in 2008. The natural beauty of the eastern coast of Taiwan has inspired Paul, it has infused strong energy and vitality to his art performances. Supported by the Alliance Culture Foundation, the Paul Chiang Art Center aims to showcase the features of Taiwan's eastern coast, providing a new hub of artistic exchange, and becoming the international art village for the artists.

    Since 2019, Wonderland Group has been sponsoring Paul Chiang's art performances as well as building up the artistic vibe in the Group.



  • Love Wonderland

    Support for Disadvantaged Groups


    Be Your Santa Claus” and “Red Envelopes Mission” for children in orphanage were held and met with great enthusiasm. The participation and support for “Love, Cherishment, Gratitude and Environmental Protection” initiative is highly valued.



    Red Envelopes Non-Stop


    Wonderland Group has been giving out red envelopes for ragpickers and underprivileged people for 7 years. All our colleagues are invited to spread the love and to help giving out NTD 1000 red envelopes to the ragpickers in the community, in hope of supporting the ragpickers keep doing recycle for the environment, letting them know the meaning and having them felt the respect and care conveyed in this good intend. 


    Local Revitalization


    Sales are conducted each month to support charities and small organic produce farms to ensure that every Wonderland employee has access to healthier and fresher food.