Service and Technology

Wonderland Group manufactures products that provide customers with the highest quality standards, providing comfort to children and offering safety assurance to parents. This is the corporate value that we have upheld for over decades.

We have strict quality requirements, driven by our innovative R&D, careful procurement of the best raw materials, rigorous quality testing, and meticulous manufacturing processes. Wonderland Group strives to surpass existing safety regulations and invests in the most advanced equipment because we both understand our tremendous responsibility, and equally have a strong desire to demonstrate our sincere care toward parents and children.

  • / DESIGN /

    Product Design

    Following our key principles, we aim for product to meet durability and recyclability standards, while also consuming less resources, causing less pollution during manufacturing and increasing energy efficiency. Our products are appreciated by consumers and many international award committees alike, including the prominent Red Dot Awards. This recognition is continuously highlighted through the numerous Red Dot Awards received, including two “Best of the Best” awards, as well as various consumer reports.


    Intellectual Property Protection

    To provide the best product quality, Wonderland Group values the ability to innovate and continues to invest in R&D. Our R&D team is fully committed to exploring and identifying innovative design methods to adapt to market demands and ever-changing technology. We are actively involved in patent development and management to safeguard our core competitive strategy and corporate sustainability.

  • / SAFETY /

    Surpass Existing Safety Regulations

    Wonderland design teams are always mindful of the latest safety regulations and specifications, ensuring products comply with and exceed the demanding safety standards of major markets voluntarily (e.g., the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan), which are referenced and recognized globally. We established high safety standards for baby stroller stability, impact tests for highchairs, hazardous chemical content, and phthalates in our products that often go beyond the requirements.


    Traceability System

    In its production processes, Wonderland Group has adopted the Car Seat Traceability System, which is an information integration technology that keeps detailed records of production stage. While using a product serial number, the system can track the material lot number, personnel involved in the production process, and the production period. This system enables immediate identification of product issues and effectively pinpoints the source when problems occur, which provides efficient resolutions, prevents the spread of defects in quality, and reduces safety risks.


Product Safety Testing

Product safety testing is a significant aspect of Wonderland. Every product undergoes repeated testing in the mock-up stage, trial production, and mass production. The center covers an area of 2,500 square meters and is equipped with leading edge technology; it comprises physics and chemistry laboratories, enables end product and impact testing, and boasts comprehensive functions. Wonderland Group adopts strategic methodologies practiced by the high-tech industry to conduct high-quality product testing. The testing center employs 150 professionals to operate more than 100 pieces of testing equipment. These professionals strictly evaluate product safety and ensure that products comply with EN (EU), ASTM (USA), ISO (international), GB (China), DN (Germany), SG (Japan) regulations.

During an impact test, professional engineers must ensure that the prototype of the car seat would safely protect fragile babies in accidents. It is our persistence in safety and quality that makes Wonderland Group one of the best manufacturers in the nursery goods industry.