Wonderland Group


Integrity, Accountability, Performance

Since 1983, we dedicated to technology innovation and devoted to design, and manufacturing baby products.

AS one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, we have won numerous recognitions from international design awards.


Wonderland has branch offices throughout worldwide, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Dubai, China, and Taiwan.

Nate Saint, CEO of American Design Company in Wonderland Group, explains Wonderland’s mission.

Integrity, accountability, and performance are core of competences in our corporate culture, we maintain long-term and stable cooperation with customers with superb technological advantages and meticulous market observation and continues to guard countless families with the strictest and high-standard safety products.


Mission Statement

To continuously seek improvement and to pursue exceptional quality, allowing us to share accomplishments with society.
----- Kenny Cheng, Chairman of Wonderland Group

Wonderland’s mission is to continuously seek improvement and pursue exceptional quality in our products and services so that the company may continue to serve customers for many years to come.

As a collaborative corporation, we find joy and a sense of achievement in our work by allowing each individual to develop their expertise and abilities.

We strive to share financial success amongst our employees, vendors, customers, partners and the society as a whole. With a focus on social responsibility, we also aim to research, develop, innovate, and manufacture products of the highest quality for everyone to enjoy.


Message from the Chairman

Profit is only one of many considerations taken into account in terms of how we do business at Wonderland. Most importantly, the concept of “sharing and mutual gain” defines everything we do and serves as a foundation for delivering long-term gains to our stakeholders.

Wonderland creates mutual gain by sharing. Our employees enjoy a pleasant and healthy work environment and have clearly-defined performance targets. It is our strong belief that these conditions enable employees to happily fulfill their goals in life while creating high-quality products that feature a personal touch. Moreover, we uphold these same principles when engaging with our customers. Children's products must always be safe and free of toxic chemicals and other harmful materials. Wonderland regulates its internal operations using the most rigorous standards and offers products of the highest quality, allowing parents to rest easy knowing that their children are in good hands. For us, the safety of children will always take higher priority than the pursuit of profit.

Wonderland aims to create mutual gain not only for society but also takes the planet on which our very lives depend into consideration. “Environmental protection” is not just another catchphrase at Wonderland — it is a continuous and unwavering commitment that has been rooted in our corporate DNA from the beginning to meet and exceed the latest environmental standards.



Kenny Cheng, Founder